Why Should You Add MCT Oil In Your Ketogenic Diet?

In the human life, there are certain things that are identified as must have. For instance, let us consider that you have a high-end car. Then, the top-of-the-line motor oil is a must-have for your vehicle. In the same way, if you are into the keto diet, MCT oil is a must-have. The good thing about this oil is that it will turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Also, this oil will bypass most part of the digestion process. Like carbs, this oil goes directly to the liver and gets converted into energy.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. They are made up of medium-chain fatty acids. The term medium here denotes the length of the chemical structure. In general, all fats are made up of a combination of hydrogen and carbon. When you take the case of short-chain fats, they have lesser than 6 carbons. On the other hand, long-chain fats have around 13 to 21 carbons. As the name implies, medium-chain falls in the middle. Yes, they have from around 6 to 12 carbons. Three separate fatty acids fall into this category of medium-chain fatty acids. They are Capric, Caprylic, and Caproic Acid. Again, getting back to MCTs, you should understand how helpful is MCT oil. To help you gain this knowledge, let us explore the benefits of MCT oil in keto.

Benefits of MCT Oil:

Let us consider that you have been out of keto for some time. If you wish to quickly get back into a fat burning state, you can do one thing. You can go for a combination of MCT oil and fasting. Take a very low carb dinner. If possible, even you can skip the dinner. Then, wake up, the next morning. Do not take a heavy breakfast. Just drink a cup of coffee and a spoon or two of MCT oil. The already fasted state along with MCT oil will jointly help your body. They will assist your body to quickly get back to keto. Further, the coffee and the MCT will help you retain your energy levels for long. The energy will last longer as compared to the energy you get from glycogen.

You can use MCT Oil as a meal replacement in your ketogenic diet. It is something that resembles the previous point of fasting with MCT oil. However, the difference is that you are still consuming other regular ketogenic recipes. But, you will use MCT oil in the place of one of these meals. The good thing about this oil is that it can effectively satiate your appetite. Of course, you will initially feel scary to replace an entire meal with MCT oil. However, your body will get used to it. The MCT will replace the glycogen and your cravings will reduce considerably. As you know, in the present fast-paced lifestyle the benefits of being in ketosis are plenty. The role of MCT oil in helping you in this journey can never be overstated.

Here, I should say that the versatility of MCT oil is something that is incomparable. Let us consider that you take salads for your daily carb needs in keto. You can just add MCT oil to the salad for the dressing. It will take care of the fat burning process in your body. Even, you can use MCT in the place of your regular oil. You might be following the proper diet in Keto, you still need a boost. But, nothing to worry as MCT oil can meet this need.

Whole foods Vs. MCT Oil:

So, now you know that MCT is the must-have to make your keto diet effective. But, from where can you get MCT? You can get it from whole foods. Here is a list of Medium-Chain Triglycerides present in some foods:

  • Coconut oil has 55% of MCT
  • Palm Kernel oil has 7.9%
  • Cheese has 7.3%
  • Butter has 6.8%
  • The presence of MCT in milk is 6.9%
  • If you take the case of yogurt, the percentage present is 6.6%

Of course, you can get MCT from specially concentrated MCT Oil. It will be more concentrated as it is entirely MCT. To get the maximum MCT content, you should use MCT oil. If you need it in minimal quantities, you can go for coconut oil. You will get MCT from the other foods mentioned above in the appropriate percentage.  Many people have a doubt, whether they can use coconut oil in the place of MCT. Here is a comparison to make the best choice:

Description Coconut Oil MCT Oil
MCT Content 55% MCT 100% MCT
Kind of MCT Lauric Acid, Capric, Caprylic and Caproic Only Capric and Caprylic
Distribution percentage 22% combination of Caproic, Caprylic and Capri Acid and 76% of lauric acid In general, 50-80% Caprylic Acid and 20-50% Capric Acid
Metabolization It is burned for energy. But, the burning will not happen at a faster pace. The reason is that lauric acid form the major percentage of MCT in coconut oil. So, the digestion takes longer time Both Capric and Caprylic acid gets straight to the liver. The liver quickly metabolizes them into ketones.
Texture Solid at Room Temperature Liquid at room temperature
Aroma and taste Has a strong flavor and smell Tasteless

Using MCT Oil:

As the MCT oil is odorless and colorless, you can literally add it to any recipes. Particularly, it will go well with drinks like tea, coffee, smoothies, and shakes. Of course, as it is oil, it will not mix completely in your ketogenic recipes. As it does not have any taste, you will literally not notice its presence in any diet. You can simply drizzle it on your salads. Even, you can take the oil a mouthful before your workout session.

Even, most followers of the ketosis diet take it along with coffee for a filling drink. By using MCT, you will get your fat calorie easily. Also, you can use it as an excellent replacement for consuming a lot of carbs.